Emergency care

Emergency for the elderly

Do you think emergency care for the elderly might be the best option for you or a loved one? After going through a difficult time, it’s very important that you can be settled back into your own environment as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption or delay. The familiar setting of the home, and all of the warm memories associated with it, provide a reassurance that simply can’t be matched by a hospital or a residential care home environment.

Our help with finding emergency home care for elderly people focuses on minimising disruption and restoring normality, allowing you or your loved one to recover at home with a live-in carer who fully understands your needs. We understand that everyone is different, which is why you are in charge and at the centre of being in control of your care.


We operate a fast-response emergency care finding service to ensure that a professional live-in carer can be with you urgently, should the need arise. Find out more about emergency care.

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